Student And Local Chapters

At ETA, the benefits of our professional organization extend to all technicians, including students or simply those with an interest in the electronics field. Establishing a chapter provides the most efficient means for our organization to reach new technicians and expand awareness about our industry. Download our Student Chapter fact sheet for more information on forming an ETA Student or Local Chapter.

Benefits of an ETA Chapter:

  • Aids and expands student knowledge beyond basic principles.
  • Creates opportunities for additional training and learning with specific products.
  • Encourages a sense of ‘belonging’ with industry networking opportunities.
  • Provides opportunities for career counseling, preparation and placement.

There are now more ways than ever to keep your ETA Student Chapter in the know!

FacebookWe are pleased to announce that we now have an ETA Student Chapter group on Facebook.

LinkedInWe have also created a LinkedIn group for ETA Student Chapters. This is actually a subgroup, linked directly to the ETA International page on LinkedIn.

See you there!